If you require glasses to stock your bar area, please see our extensive selection of glassware, including cocktail glasses, shot glasses, and champagne saucers.

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Ice Tongs

£0.25 plus VAT
Oak Barrel Bar

Oak Barrel Bar

£100.00 plus VAT

Wooden Bar

£37.00 plus VAT

Aliminium Folding Metal Bar

£42.00 plus VAT
Sale! Punch Bowl Hire

Large Punch Bowl (10 Pint)

£10.00 plus VAT

Oak Barrel

£25.00 plus VAT
Bar Skip Hire

Bar Skip

£20.00 plus VAT

Round 14″ Bar/Serving Tray (Non Slip)

£1.50 plus VAT
Wine Bucket Hire

Wine Bucket

£2.50 plus VAT
Sale! Red Canteen Tray Hire

Red Canteen Tray

£1.00 plus VAT
Thermal Ice Bucket Hire

Thermal Ice Bucket Hire

£2.50 plus VAT
Corkscrew hire


£0.23 plus VAT
Optic Hire


£0.20 plus VAT
Sale! Optic Stand Hire

Optic Stand

£7.50 plus VAT

Punch Bowl Ladle

£1.00 plus VAT

Round 16″ Bar/Serving Tray (Non Slip)

£1.50 plus VAT